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A Pin for Julia

Posted by Carolee on 4/10/2014 to Get the Look!

Magnificent women. We’ve all met at least a couple in our lifetime. For me, it was the mother of my best friend from college who succumbed to pancreatic cancer two years ago. She was beautiful, sassy, polished, and the quintessential queen of all things social. She could turn an ordinary event into a dramatic, entertaining affair. Whether it was a black-tie dinner with champagne and caviar or sandwiches and pringles for an all-day hike and picnic atop a mountain, she attended to every detail and little bit of minutia with such gusto that one could only wonder how she did it. And her collections. There were lots of them. But the one that took center stage was her love of all things frogs. I just smile thinking about the multitude of frog-themed things she had collected over her lifetime. Carolee’s Jump Into Style Pin would have most definitely made it into Julia’s collection. You too can start or add to your own favorite collection. Carolee offers a wide array of animal and insect motifs to choose from: mouse, flamingo, snake, dragonfly, bee, panther and ladybug. 

Add a pin to your own favorite collection now or start a collection for someone magnificent in your life. 

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