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Posted by CAROLEE on 6/27/2011 to Pearls of Wisdom

I am standing here in front of our empty suitcases feeling absolute excitement that we are finally going on our family vacation. Hotels are booked, activities are planned, and the route has been entered into the GPS. So why am I stuck here at the foot of my bed? Packing – that is my problem. I am not sure how your household is run, but I pack for everyone. And by the time it comes to my suitcase I end up just throwing in whatever is on top of the drawers or reachable in the closet. I then spend my vacation in mismatched outfits and one pair of shoes!

This year I am taking on a new approach. Me first. This is probably a foreign concept to most of us working mothers but I am going to try it out. First, I plan on laying out all my outfits to include tops, bottoms, hats, jewelry, shoes, and handbags. Working for for over 10 years, I feel that I really must deliver on the accessory front so that is where I am going to start.

For all of us who put ourselves last in the packing department, I offer this TOP 10 JEWELS TO PACK FOR YOUR SUMMER VACATION ….whether it is the beach, the lake, or someplace truly exotic, you’re sure to look on trend in these top fashion pics.

1. Sterling Hoops – comfortable and easy for daytrips – good to wear with a great sunhat.

2. 72″ pearl rope – I wear this so many times on a trip – I wear long to dinner in my black dress and wrapped a few times around the neck with my linen blouse for lunch.

3. CZ studs – I always feel for comfortable leaving my diamond studs at home. No one can tell the difference!

4. A multi-row necklace – just because it screams a trip to the beach!

5. Anything gold that I can layer – gold pearls and metals always look great with a tan.

6. Colorful crystal chandelier earrings – for me, these always make a night out even more fun.

7. One basic pearl and crystal drop earring – my favorite is the Mackenzie drop earring – day or night, it always works!

8. A bohemian inspired long necklace for a bit of color – livens up a flowy skirt for brunch.

9. Pearl studs – a safe bet for any situation.

10. My mother, love, and friend Sterling Sentiments bangles – because it is all about family and love, and I love the way they clink together!

A few other things I’d never leave home without – sunglasses, a big sun hat, sunscreen, and a good book. For my kids, I’d never leave home without markers and paper – we always draw pictures of the places we visit.

Have a great summer trip!

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