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Four Galas & ... A Dress

Posted by Carolee on 6/5/2014 to Pearls of Wisdom

During the course of a year I probably have to go to four drop-dead galas-- and... NOT as a guest but... as a Host. The role is different. My job is to look after the pleasure and the comfort of others, and not to pay too much attention to myself-- 
EVERY good host understands that role. So.... (Don't Laugh...) I wear the same ONE DRESS every time and have done so for that last 5 years... 
What changes? The jewelry-- different every year. How do I get away with it? The guest list is composed of completely different people every single time and I've never met any of them and they've never met me-- so... WHO'S TO KNOW? 
My staff doesn't care what I wear because they're working too and, I hope, have come to see the brains of having ONE-WORKHORSE-OF-A-DRESS that is completely changed if it appears draped with pearls (MY FAVES>>>) or... discretely hung with diamonds (Got A FEW of those too...) 

Naturally, the dress is BLACK and "shot" with silver thread and.. OVER IT goes a Black Satin Opera Coat-- both THE PERFECT FOILS for JEW-WELS, Girls. 

Rule # ONE? DON"T COMPETE WITH YOUR GUESTS-- let their beauty and happiness and success SHINE at your event. 

Rule # TWO? STAY in the background yourself and let the others wonder... "Is THAT STUFF she's got on the Real Deal?" 

Rule # THREE-- It's All-in-Who's-Wearing-It, My Friends and.... your jewelry will speak volumes without YOU saying a word-- 

Rule # FOUR-- Start with that gorgeous multi-strand pearl necklace which looks like you paid a pirate's ransom for it... and remember, too, Pearls throw a soft, sweet light onto your beautifully made-up face like nothing else can..... except LOVE. 

- an article by Paula Rice
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