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Jewelry Inspired By Art

Posted by Carolee on 6/30/2014 to How-To
For as long as there has been art, there has been jewelry inspired by it. Throughout the ages, both men and women have worn their finest gems while sitting for portraits - reflecting the fashion of the times and the status of those that wore it. While you might not be having your likeness immortalized in oil any time soon, the treasures below are more than worthy of your next selfie! 

You can be The Girl with the Pearl Earring in our Sweet Pea Teardrop Pierced Earrings 

Carolee’s Limited Edition Dragonfly Pin reflects the whimsical pieces of the Art Nouveau period. 

The Simply Blue Ornate Crystal Pendant Necklace evokes the delicate, yet intricate multi-stone necklaces in Renaissance paintings. 

The 60’s modernist movement is represented in The Milan Circles of Love Watch in Silver

-an article by guest blogger Fairfieldista

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