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Posted by CAROLEE on 4/2/2013
We are so thrilled to have author, blogger, and screenwriter Stephanie Klein wearing the new CAROLEE collections in our spring campaign!

Stephanie's writing is both hilarious and honest. Pick up one of her books, Straight Up and Dirty or Moose, or head on over to her blog. You'll applaud her for the sheer girl power she exudes while simultaneously wishing you could count her amongst your girlfriends! She's witty, raw, and not afraid to say - or write - exactly what she's thinking.

Stephanie's gorgeous hair was the perfect backdrop to all of the dazzling (her word!) bling she wears in the video. Her sparkling personality complemented the already shiny jewels! She was a joy to have on set - so sweet and chock full of pizazz. And she just adored the "Rayna James hairdo" our stylist gave her! (Any Nashville fans out there?!) We know you'll love her in our latest trend video: Daytime Bling.

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