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Posted by on 5/8/2014 to How-To

I readily admit that when shopping online now, I read previous buyer’s reviews on everything and my purchasing decision is almost completely based on how many stars an item has. Well, if I had to rate these earrings, they’d get five out of five stars. I have had the Brown Eyed Girl Coin Pierced earrings for several months now and let’s just say if they were a pair of new shoes, they would be so well broken-in and heavily worn that I’d be on my way to having them resoled at the shoe repair shop! These earrings are nothing short of the best in terms of looking stylish yet being able to work with any look I happen to be sporting that day. They easily coordinate with other pieces in my jewelry collection and I never, I mean never, have to worry about changing them to “fit” my outfit once they are on. Believe me, anyone as busy as I am will rejoice in finding a pair of earrings that save you time each morning and get you off to a quick start.

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