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Posted by CAROLEE on 8/13/2012 to How-To

The CAROLEE 72" Pearl Rope is perfect day or night, and with over 12 ways to wear it, this necklace makes the perfect gift for women across the style spectrum. Check out some of our favorite ways to wear the classic pearl rope. 

(And don't forget to check out our "How to Pull Off Pearls" video!)

The Audrey 

Loop the pearl rope 2x and put it over your head, showing two different lengths. This is a classic style and looks great with a scoop neck dress or blouse. 

The Michele

Fold the rope in half, then twist and fasten around your neck with a CAROLEE necklace shortener or colorful ribbon.

The Jackie

Loop the rope 3x and put it over your head. You can also drape it around your neck open and loop is around two more times. This clean and sophisticated look is best worn with a button down blouse or classic fitted dress.

The Natalie

Wrap the rope around your neck 2x then make a knot at your neckline to create this fun, beautiful look.

The Duchess

To create a dramatic look, wrap the rope 4x and wear it short with a pin. You can also double it, wrap it around the side of your neck, and close it with your favorite CAROLEE pin.

The Louise

Look simply chic yet ready to party by wrapping the rope 2x and wearing it long.

The Bette

Wrap the rope 3x, ensuring that the first strand is nested tight against your neck, while the other two strands are loser at longer lengths.

The Carrie

Double the rope, place it over your head and secure it with a pin on the side for a glamorous, retro look.

The Veronica

Knot the rope 3x after putting it over your head for a unique look. Quick tip: If there is any space between knots, push the knot up to nest against the others.

The Diana

This traditional style requires wrapping the rope 4x, so make sure to tighten after each wrap.

The Sophia

This style requires 2 ropes (preferably different colors), because two is always better than one! Double the first color rope and wrap it around your neck with one loop shorter and closer to your neck and the second loop much longer. Double the second color and put it over head, nesting it in the first rope.

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