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Posted by CAROLEE on 1/10/2013
We spent 5 minutes chatting with one of our talented designers, Seung Hye Choi, to see what was on her mind. Read on to find out what's inspring her! 

 1. Leona Fini, (The Artist, painter) I took a trip to Buenos Aires and Paris this Fall and the infusion of South American culture with European influence in Argentina was fascinating. I learned about this Argentina born, Parisian Artist – Leona Fini - during the trip and was blown away by her paintings – primary colors mixed with sophisticate pastels and mute tones in whimsical stories. Passionate tango orange with teal turquoise background, deep indigo blue sky with seaform green colors objects… Rich yet delicate, feminine colors and details inspired me to design Carolee jewelry collections. You will get to see rich colors with accent of enamel flowers in Carolee Spring collections soon, now I am working on fall 2013 jewelry collection in deeper sophisticate fall color palettes. 

 2. Baroque Opulence. My biggest color theme for this fall and winter is black and touch of gold. Biker chic (heavy metals, wild spikes and zippers) was a trend for last few seasons, and now I am gravitating to exotic black and gold styles, which are incorporated with rich gilded baroque gold and opulent embellishments as we see in runways like Dolce and Gabbana. It is just festive and fabulous! 

 3. 80’s Music.  Key board, heavy songs, I just love 80’s tunes! Time after time by Cyndy Lauper, Video killed the radio star by the buggles, Culture Club’s karma chameleon…etc (adding a few of early 90’s- One by U2 and Wonderwall by Oasis). Such classics that I never get tired of. 

4. Downton Abbey.  The early 1900’s classic styles from the show are masterpiece and worth look, not to mention the well-written storyline! The stylish costumes, jewelry and the set designs – inspire me not only to collect vintage jewelry for myself but also to design vintage inspired - timeless jewelry collection for Carolee Spring 2013.

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