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An Unbelievable Experience at Moscow Fashion Week

Posted by Carolee on 12/11/2013
Our friend and fashionista, Sarah Mintz, had an unbelievable experience at the Moscow Fashion Week. Here is the story, in her own words. 

We arrived to Moscow knowing that Fashion Week was going on but also realizing that there was absolutely no way we were going to get into a show given how last minute we were and given the stature and fame of Mercedes Benz fashion week, but somehow I managed to score two tickets to a 6pm runway show on the night before we were leaving to go to Austria. 

My friend wasn't able to get out of meetings until after 7pm so missed the 6pm show. Knowing that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I went to fashion week by myself anyway! But once I got back from the show (the runway shows were in a building literally across the street from Hotel National, where we stayed) and he saw my pictures he decided we should try to go back and see if they let us back in. Talk about jealousy! 

We were only a short walk away so I obliged and we went back over. It was now close to 930pm and our tickets were only good for 6pm. Long story short, as soon as we walked in, a random woman who worked there with a walkie talkie and head piece swept us of our feet and escorted us past security and asked if we were there to see a show. (Duh!). As she led us into the venue she turned around again and asked us if we were guests of Mercedes. (Duh?). We said yes of course (because why not, right? :) ) and she brought us immediately over to the VIP Mercedes Lounge behind a red velvet rope and woman with a clipboard with names. We were both terrified that they would check the list and see that we actually were NOT guests of Mercedes and actually didn't even have tickets to be in the venue, but thankfully not one person hesitated and the woman graciously lifted the red velvet rope and we were in. When it came time for the last runway show of the night, we tried to get in but alas the venue was full before we were able to make it over (we got caught up discussing jewelry and headbands!). Out of nowhere, the same woman with the walkie talkie approached us and told us that VIPs were now getting seated. Again, without hesitation, we obliged and followed her. She led us onto the runway and to the center of the show, in the front row. Given that we were the last 2 to be seated, she asked for some of the top designers to please move so that we could be seated. The show was AMAZING. Long story short, fashion week turned into quite the fun adventure and whirlwind experience. To this day, we have NO idea who they thought we were or why they treated us so well but sometimes you just need to roll with it and take an opportunity when you see one. 

(Stay tuned for an interesting Q&A with Sarah about the Moscow fashion scene – coming up next week)
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