Our Story

Since founding her business in 1972 Carolee Friedlander’s Mission was to create a jewelry and accessories line that woen could come to know, trust and build upon. After over 45 years, Carolee continues to offer distinctive jewelry collections that pay tribute to the sophistication, grace, and ever-evolving style of modern women.


In the 1980’s, Friedlander rose to fame, recieving acclaim for her bold “outrageous pearls” – luxurious styles that reflected the power and strength of all women. Over the years, these designs evolved, mirroring the over-the top ethos of the early 90s with layered pearls and metals, and moving towards more complex, upscale pieces at the turn of the new millennium.

In 2001, Carolee’s status as a leader in the fashion jewelry space was marked by the acquisition by industry titans Brooks Brothers, launching a new era of unrivalled creativity that would uplift the brand throughout the following decade.


In 2017, Carolee was established as a division of Deconic, Brooks Brothers newly launched industry-leading jewelry collective that includes a Fifth Avenue showroom and headquarters in Industry City (Brooklyn’s latest innovation hub). A year later, Biago Galotti was appointed as Carolee’s Creative Director, heralding the brand into a new age of transformation to bridge the gap between Carolee’s world-class heritage and the next generation of trend-setting designs.

Today, with Galotti at the helm, the brand is looking to the future of jewelry with a series of distinct collections that elevate Carolee’s iconic freshwater pearl styles with semi-precious stones and a range of contemporary sterling silver motifs.